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Ionic Detox Footbath​

At the seashore, waves carry enough kinetic energy to ionize water. The power of the waves knocks off an electron from water molecules, which allows the components of hydrogen and oxygen to be released into the air leaving the negatively charged electron in the water and on the sand of the wet beach. You experience the energy of extra oxygen in the air. You experience the pulling of positively charged electrons from your body along with whatever toxins are associated with those positive ions and they are left in the wet sand.


The BodyGuard creates the same ionic reaction in the basin of water. A direct current of 13.8 volts knocks off the negative electrons to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in the water molecule allowing them to escape into the air. This leaves the negatively charge electrons in the water. This negative potential attracts positive ions in your body that are connected to toxins, chemicals and heavy metals, and pulls them out via osmosis through the lymphatic system, muscle and skin.


The BodyGuard uses an isolating transformer as a safety measure. The 120 or 240 volts alternating current (AC) coming from the wall outlet has no physical connection with the 13.8 volts direct current (DC) going into the ionic bath water.

The two Stainless Steel plates sometimes known as ‘The Array’ are the Frequency Generators, energize our bodies with a positive square wave frequency, which strengthens our immune system and organs. 


The Frequency Generator can be used for the elimination of parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses. This build up compromises our immune system and leaves us open to disease. This is the main reason that our bodies feel run down and tired. This affects us at all levels… physical, mental and emotional. It is so important to eat a balanced nutritious diet and get plenty of fresh clean air and water, as well as exercise and rest.

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